Bingo USA

Bingo USA

When it comes to countries that love bingo USA tops the chart as Americans have shown an undeterred affection for bingo for a long time. Bingo may be a small game of random numbers which the players match against the pre-printed card, but it has proven to be a big success in the USA. American bingo is a little different from the bingo that the rest of the world enjoys. The 5x5 matrices may be printed on paper, card stock, or it can even be an electronic representation. There are many interesting patterns involved and the patterns have a lot to do with deciding who the winner is. The first person to achieve the pattern out of the drawn numbers will be the winner and he is the lucky one who gets to call out “Bingo”. Once the winner’s card is checked for accuracy, the winner is announced. In the American version of online bingo you will be competing against other bingo player for the jackpot.

Bingo USA may have been invented in 1929 but today’s bingo has come a long way and each jurisdiction’s gambling laws have a lot to do with the way the game is played. What started with just a few patterns now has a plethora of different designs, and this plays a great role in the success that the game enjoys.

The American bingo industry has many variants that are very unique compared to what you would experience in other parts of the world. Some of the interesting variants of American bingo are U-Pick-Em bingo, Quick Shot bingo, Bonanza bingo, Horse racing bingo, Table bingo and Electronic bingo to name a few.

Playing bingo in a regular bingo hall may not sound all that exciting provided the fact that you are not encouraged to socialize in bingo halls especially when a game is in session, but these bingo halls have their own share of fun moments. If you are looking for absolute fun and opportunities to socialize, then you have to check out online bingo halls. You probably cannot come across a game that is as easy as a game of bingo and online bingo gets even easier than the regular version of this game. Online bingo sites not only offer you all the bingo games in one go, but they also add bonuses to it. Yes, not where else will you get bonuses for a game that is as simple as bingo? Did you know that many bingo players opt for online bingo rooms just because they can make friends and chat away to their hearts’ content? Online bingo halls are exceptional for making friends because online bingo rooms make sure that the chat rooms are safe and secure by monitoring them constantly. Not only do you get to play all the bingo games of your choice, but there is also a very good chance that among new bingo sites you will find some interesting online casino games too.

Less is more when it comes to an online bingo room, as you can play loads of bingo games for a very small amount of money. Check out our USA bingo halls directory on the next page.

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